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the fountain

The Fountain will transform the way you perceive climate change. The installation gala will be presented by United Solution for Summer 2021 in New York.  The Fountain is a multimedia sensory experience designed to educate and inspire visitors and encourage exploration, discovery, and connection within the exhibit.


The concept of The Fountain is a hybrid combining elements of the natural world and emerging technology. Through live installation art pieces and repurposed materials from the environment, hi-definition 3D visual media and virtual displays, ultrasonic music compositions, and innovative wearables.


We hope to engage our audience to the reality of climate change and allow it to resonate in their minds through a cerebral immersive experience.


Our virtual The Fountain is an immersive environment where visitors from around the globe have an opportunity to experience an unparalleled immersive experience that will ultimately transform the way we experience, perceive, communicate, socialize and interact with the digital world.



We invite visitors to explore, connect, discover and create in a mixed reality work that is enhanced with special features including gallery spaces with multimedia art and music and fashion.


Visitors to our platform will have an extended community within our The Fountain platform. It will be a diverse and beautiful place where people can explore, and experience, challenge themselves and have the freedom to interact and discover the environment and socialize.

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